The warehouse and terminal services

Store your goods in our warehouse, where it is ready for shipment any time.

We provide the warehouse and terminal services in four Estonian cities: Tallinn (Peetri), Tartu and Jõhvi.


We have the following storage places: the central warehouse in Peetri (Tallinn) and intermediate depots in Jõhvi and Tartu.

Generally, storage is arranged on Euro pallets (1.2×0,8m), though we also accept freight of a bigger or smaller size.

If required, reloading of freight onto Euro or Fin pallets, repackaging and other operations are also possible.
All stored goods are insured.

The warehouse services:
1. cargo receipt and storage
2. depot bookkeeping
3. order batching
4. taking inventory

The terminal services

We offer the terminal services for the local and international businesses.

The terminal services:
1. cargo receipt / unloading from a carrier vehicle
2. quantity and documents control
3. packaging and marking of goods and dispatches
4. cargo packaging

The terminal service of Kaubaekspress OÜ is convenient for the client as there is no need to have their own premises, equipment, expertise or labour force for loading–unloading operations.

The international enterprises can benefit from the combined service with the freight distribution.

Batching and packaging

Goods are issued as complete pallets or packaged over according to the client’s request.

If required, goods are packaged as single-unit batches, i.e. small batches can be sent to the client.

Additional value services

At the central warehouse different additional services can be performed, whick allow the client to get additonal value of goods or arrange shipments at his request.

To glue labels to the products, which, pursuant to the law of the Estonian Republic, must have the information аbout the product (name, ingredients, etc.).
To attach security elements.