Freight insurance

From July 2015 Kaubaekspress OÜ in cooperation with the biggest European insurer PZU offers the service of freight insurance.

This is the perfect way of insurance if the client is not satisfied with the carrier’s obligation to compensate 8.3 SDR (approx. 10€) / кг for freight, or in the event that excludes the liability of the carrier (robbery, theft, etc.).

The freight owner has no need to worry about the extent of insurance, to look for hidden exceptions in the terms and conditions, or face the situation when, according to the insurer, the purchased insurance contract does not comply with the international practices.

As there are no specified chart of rates for the freight insurance, it is not possible to calculate insurance payments immediately. Freight carriage charge from one point to destination should also take into consideration other circumstances, risks are assessed individually, therefore, you have to send a request before entering the insurance contract.

«Kaubaekspress» is the official freight insurance agent, offered by the Estonian branch of AB Lietuvos draudimas.

The insurance service is offered by the Estonian branch of AB Lietuvos draudimas, which belongs to the international group PZU Grupp and makes use of the PZU trademark. Study the conditions before entering into the insurance contract, and request for more information on telephone 1526 (in Estonia only).